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Chiropractic Therapies: The Wobble Chair

Chiropractic Therapies: The Wobble Chair

Something that makes Chiro One a little different than most chiropractic offices? Our in-office exercises! To complement adjustments, we prescribe these active therapies to most of our patients! These exercises (and the ways they’re performed) depend on each patient’s needs and are prescribed by our doctors of chiropractic.

To take a closer look, we got together with chiropractic director of Chiro One Oak Brook, Dr. Jill Pickens, and she broke down five of our most-prescribed therapies—detailing the possible whats, whys and hows behind each one!

Let’s take a look at one of our most asked-about exercises: The Wobble Chair.

The Wobble Chair with Dr. Jill

Hi there! I’m Dr. Jill. I’m the clinic director at Chiro One Wellness Center in Oak Brook. I’m going to show you one of the active therapies you might see in the office called the wobble chair. We can do this therapy a lot of different ways. One thing we can do is something called pelvic tilts. This involves lifting your left hip all the way down, and then the right hip, and then we’re going to bring it back to neutral before tilting your pelvis backward and forward.

It’s important to maintain good core activation on this exercise. What we’re doing is creating flexibility and strengthening all in the muscles in the lumbar spine. It also rehydrates the disks with movement. You can do the wobble chair a few different ways for different benefits. For instance, you can also do a cross crawl for the wobble chair, which is more for balance and coordination. This exercise is allowing all those proprioceptors in the spine to get used to new positions from the adjustments that you get in the chiropractic office. It is very important to keep good posture while you’re doing these exercises and also do exactly what your doctor prescribed.

One thing we know that none of our chiropractors would prescribe is using a cell phone while you’re doing this therapy. This is really bad because it’s sending signals to your brain that we want to be in this posture, and that’s usually what we’re trying to avoid. You can fix that posture by bringing your eyes up, shoulders back and making sure your core is engaged.

It’s also important to note that this therapy can be prescribed numerous different ways depending on your unique condition. Each therapy is individually prescribed in every Chiro One office, so make sure you’re doing exactly what your doctor has prescribed and maintaining that good posture while you’re doing it.