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Chiropractic Therapies: The Wobble Chair

The Wobble Chair and How it Helps Activate Your Core

What makes Chiro One special and unique? It’s a long list, but some would say it’s our passion for sharing in-office exercises that complement your chiropractic adjustments. One of our most asked-about exercises is The Wobble Chair and here’s why.

The Wobble Chair is an excellent way to strengthen your core and lumbar muscles with easy to apply actions. It doesn’t require special equipment, however a chair that has an oscillating seat will be most helpful. The movements described below focus on restoring flexibility into your pelvis and spine, while also rehydrating the disks and helping your body’s proprioceptors calibrate a new, healthier posture. 

Before engaging in activities that involve The Wobble Chair, please work with a chiropractor near you  to determine the best way to approach the exercises. These therapies, similar to many others, are dependent on each patient’s specific needs and therefore should be prescribed by a medical professional such as chiropractic Dr. Jill Pickens. 

 How To Strengthen Your Core and Lumbar Muscles

Dr. Jill’s Insights and Wobble Chair Recommendations

Hi there! I’m Dr. Jill Pickens, the director of Chiro One Oak Brook’s clinic and I’m going to show you one of the primary active therapies we prescribe in our office called The Wobble Chair. 

The Wobble Chair can be done several different ways and the video above outlines those options. For step-by-step instructions please refer to this quick list of exercises. 

  1. Pelvic Tilts: For mobility and core stabilization.

There are 2 versions of pelvic tilts you will practice. The first involves side to side action whereby you sink your left hip all the way down and then sink the right hip all the way down. The second involves moving your hips forward and backward. To help imagine this action, think of your pelvis like a bowl of water. Now move the bowl forward to dump the water out and backward to do the same in the opposite direction.

  1. Cross Crawl: For balance and coordination. 

While sitting within a neutral seat, lift your left leg and your right arm at the same time so that they are parallel to the floor. Now switch and lift your right leg and your left arm. Continue oscillating from side to side. This will not only activate both hemispheres of your brain, but it will communicate to your body the postural change from slouching and/or being hunched over to a more upright and alert position. 

Note: Please avoid texting and/or utilizing any device that will compromise your posture while doing these exercises. Instead, bring your eyes up, shoulders back, and engage your core so that your spine is neutral and your body is ready to receive the proper proprioceptor signals.  

Depending on your unique condition these exercises can be altered to better suit your body’s physical needs. Work with your chiropractic doctor to assure you are doing them correctly and receive the most benefit from the movements. 

Find a Chiropractor Near You to Improve Your Posture

With clinics in the following metro areas: Chicago, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Madison, Vancouver, and St. Louis you’ll be able to find a chiropractor near you to improve your neurological and spinal health. Make an appointment to start your wellness plan today and benefit from the individualized care you’ll receive. 


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