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Chiro One of Evanston is located on the corner of Dempster and Dodge in the Evanston Plaza, between Dance Center Evanston and U.S. Army Recruiting, across the plaza from Dunkin Donuts and Subway.


Our chiropractors in Evanston, IL provide our patients with the ultimate in wellness services, because we believe that everyone can achieve lives of extraordinary wellness through chiropractic care. People seek treatment from a chiropractor every day, for a variety of health reasons. Physical conditions that cause pain can be the result of injury, accident, lifestyle or disease complications, and when area residents need a chiropractor, families come to our caring chiropractors in Evanston. If you have sustained an injury as the result of an accident, participating in sports, or simply living everyday life, we can help you discover the road to better health without the use of medication or surgery.

Your central nervous system controls and coordinates all your bodily functions. This intricate system is housed in and protected by the spine, so it’s vital to your overall health to have a spine that is properly aligned. Common injuries such as whiplash, low back injury, and shoulder, arm, or neck issues can be directly connected to an improperly aligned spine. At your Evanston chiropractic center, we can help your injuries heal faster by addressing the root cause and correcting it through chiropractic care.

We also address the symptoms of many other health issues besides back and neck pain. If you need pain relief of any kind, give our chiropractors in Evanston a call today or schedule an appointment online and let us get you on the road to extraordinary wellness through professional chiropractic care and treatment.


More About the City of Evanston

Evanston, Illinois is a beautiful city in Cook county located just 12 short miles north of downtown Chicago on the shores of magnificent Lake Michigan. This diverse community is home to Northwestern University, the world headquarters of Rotary International, and offers a variety of excellent higher educational opportunities, unique commercial districts and neighborhoods, delicious and exciting culinary options, and many outdoor activities to visitors and residents of this popular Chicago suburb. Chiro One is proud to serve the people of this community at our Evanston chiropractic center.