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Chiro One of Waukesha is located in the Advia Credit Union strip mall off of Swenson Drive and Crossroads Circle, next to the Quest Home Loan Center.

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About Chiropractic Waukesha, WI

About Us

As your Waukesha chiropractors, we are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of each and every patient that walks into our office. Located on the Eastern edge of the city, our chiropractic wellness center offers community members the opportunity to relieve pain, prevent and treat injuries and increase overall wellness through chiropractic care. Our office welcomes patients of all ages, backgrounds and ailments, creating a comfortable, friendly space with an open floor plan built to encourage a sense of communal healing and support.

During the initial exam process at Chiro One Waukesha, all new patients undergo a comprehensive exam process, including a doctor’s consultation, full chiropractic exam and x-rays, if medically necessary. These results are used by our Waukesha chiropractor to devise a personalized care plan that best suits a patient’s individual needs.

At Chiro One Waukesha, we’re no strangers to pain and discomfort, treating many different types of conditions like back or neck pain, disc problems, headaches and migraines, PMS symptoms, fibromyalgia, endometriosis and more. We want our patients out of pain as quickly as possible so they can truly live up to their full potential. That’s why we oftentimes prescribe active therapies and rehab to patients, both in-office and at-home, that can assist in alleviating pain and discomfort and prolong the benefits of the chiropractic adjustments.

In addition to chiropractic, our Chiro One Waukesha office also believes in educating and giving back to both patients and our community. In addition to our in-office patient appreciation days, daily blog posts and trivia questions, we also host many different health workshops open to both patients and the public—topics can range from children’s health to fitness, or from nutrition to stress. We also host community events, hold a yearly children’s toy drive around the holidays and participate in festivals and local business proceedings.

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Meet Our Chiropractor

Our Chiropractor

Meet Our Chiropractor




Education: Palmer College of Chiropractic

Hometown: Pewaukee Lake, WI

If you were to ask Dr. Chad Rechcygl, growing up in Pewaukee Lake was life in a veritable paradise. In the summers, he'd spend days on the water, racing ...sailboats competitively, swimming and wakeboarding. In the winter, it was hockey, iceboating and snowboarding. His childhood taught him how to work hard, play hard and be happy. Now, he's based in Waukesha with his wife and children, thrilled to be lending his healing services to the Waukesha community as a chiropractor at Chiro One of Waukesha

After earning his undergraduate degree from Marquette University in physiological science, Dr. Chad went on to pursue his doctorate of chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic where he was a part of the CLEAR Institute Scoliosis Club and the Motion Palpation Club.

Dr. Chad is certified in nutrition and he specializes in the areas of prenatal care, pediatric chiropractic, scoliosis, detoxification, mindset training, nutrition, exercise, cancer and the male/female endocrine systems. He is a part of the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin and has won numerous awards, including Maximized Living's Patients on Purpose Award and Clinical Excellence Award.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure

Marianne Williamson

Growing up, Dr. Chad saw family members, friends and acquaintances struggling with disease and dysfunction. "The common conversation was that they were unlucky, and that it was their genetics and there was nothing that could have been done," he says. When his own pediatrician predicted Dr. Derek to have an increased risk of cancer, he began observing different lifestyles between people. And although he followed the recommendations of many medical providers, he was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells soon after.

It was then he realized the state of our healthcare system and that many medical recommendations were only fueling disease in an industry based on "sick care." He began searching for information on a lifestyle that promoted healthy living and building health through preventative care search that inevitably lead him to chiropractic. This new way of health and wellness would shape his entire future, and made it very apparent what he wanted to do with his life. "The body is an amazing thing," says Dr. Chad. "And that is why I have so much trust in it to work efficiently. Medicine is the study of death and disease. I chose to study life."

Dr. Chad attributes his drive to succeed to his family, hoping to lead by example and inspire them to create a life that makes them truly happy. This is also something he aims to do in his practice. In fact, his favorite part of being a chiropractor is when a patient gets off the table feeling better. Knowing he can make a person's day better, improving their life at home and work, is why he does what he does. He knows there are people in the world who need his help, and it's this knowledge that brought him on a mission trip to Morocco, serving the underprivileged with chiropractic care.

In his free time, Dr. Chad loves competitively racing high performance sailboats both on water and on ice, the first time he saw the Statue of Liberty was from the water during a trip from Florida to New York when he was only 12. He also enjoys hockey, biking, hiking, snowboarding, climbing, and of course, spending time with his wife and two children.

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$20 First-Time Chiropractor Appointment

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$20 First-Time Chiropractor Appointment

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