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Chiro One of River North is located on the corner of State and Superior in One Superior Place next to Roy's Restaurant and Flywheel Sports, near Whole Foods.


The staff at Chiro One’s River North chiropractic clinic are proud to serve residents in the River North, IL community. We offer chiropractic services that can help restore physical function, reduce pain and encourage healing throughout the body. We are also dedicated to patient education as a fundamental component of our long-term success rates, because we believe our patients should play the most important role in healing.

Chiropractic services induce healing by correcting subluxations. These are out-of-place or misaligned vertebrae that disrupt the natural flow of communication between your brain and the rest of your body. Subluxations also put pressure on surrounding nerves, causing pain and possible long-term tissue damage. Regular chiropractic adjustments ease vertebrae back to their proper position and help maintain proper spinal alignment. Over time, the nervous system regains control and triggers your body’s natural healing abilities. Our River North chiropractic patients have found relief from sciatica, arthritic conditions, back pain, migraines, injuries and more. However, chiropractic care isn’t just for those who suffer from pain, illness or injury. Wellness-based chiropractic care helps you stay well and keeps you functioning at optimal levels, reducing the chance of movement-related injuries. We also offer worker’s compensations services.

At Chiro One Wellness Centers, your long-term health is our priority. Call us or schedule an appointment online today!


Community Wellness Programs from Chiro One

We are happy to serve the interests of our corporate clients in the River North community as well. Local business owners who want to increase productivity and employee satisfaction while reducing healthcare costs are welcomed and encouraged to use our complimentary corporate wellness resources.

These programs teach your employees about a variety of wellness and health-related topics, from spinal health to reducing stress and improving sleep to getting the most out of your workout. Our workplace wellness associates will guide you through the process of initiating a program for your employees. From onsite workshops to special appreciation events, the staff at Chiro One in our River North chiropractic center is dedicated to helping everyone live their healthiest life.