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Credit Card Policy

How We Secure Your Information

Securing your information is a company priority, and we use reasonable security measures to help protect the confidentiality of personal information, including credit card information.

Privacy Protection

We protect payment card information we collect during transactions. We comply with industry standards that require safeguards for handling and securing customer information. These include using secure networks; encryption or other protection of cardholder data; physical and technical access controls; monitors and tests of security systems; and information security policies.

Hard Copy and Electronic Storage Protections

Personal information that is maintained in our offices or stores is subject to physical, administrative, and technical controls as well. Hard copies of sensitive personal information are maintained in locked locations or cabinets with similar restrictions for electronic storage. When disposed of, the information is shredded, destroyed, erased, or otherwise sought to be made unreadable.

*We are in compliant with The Fair Credit Billing Act, which protects customers from honest errors and outright fraud by merchants when customers make the purchase through a bank credit card.  In addition, we adhere to the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council’s Data Security Standard.