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THE PROOF IS IN Our Patient Community

We've got an amazing community of patients that have benefited from our care model.

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Meet John

Meet Bob

Meet Chris

Meet Mona

Meet Erin


See how chiropractic care helped these patients get back to living their best lives.

I’ve enjoyed being around other wonderful people who are serious about taking care of themselves. It's inspiring me to do more for my health and wellness.

Brigitte G.

Their concise care plan is tailored to your body’s needs.

Joseph D.

I can now play outside with my son and my family—I played tackle football with all the kids just last weekend without any pain.

Josh H.

I’d never been able to walk without some sort of pain. One year later, I am happy to say I’m pain-free and going to run my first 5K.

Christina R.

The services, genuine concern, and compassion displayed by all staff members, are what bring me back... The words "Cannot Help" or "Nothing to Offer You" are never spoken there.

Pat C.

They started me off with a comprehensive exam, and they do their own x-rays on site, which was awesome! They explain everything to a tee, from going over possible issues and outcomes to the therapies they assign specifically for your... Read More

Sarah F.

Every day it was painful just getting out of bed. Ever since I started coming in, I have had great results; my knees don't ache so much, and the pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders gets better with... Read More

Bob A.

I no longer have migraines or chronic pain. I can now get down on the floor and play with my dog, cat and god kids.


They went above and beyond finding the best treatment necessary to help me.

Anthony V.

The concept of the open office is wonderful. Two tables are always open so you aren't stuck waiting in a separate room until the chiropractor is available.

Matthew D.

Chiro One’s treatment plan has changed my life! My doctor designed a chiropractic treatment method that works best for me, specifically.

Mary B.

After about three months of care, I’m sleeping and walking better, and I’m ready to dance again!

Darryl C.

They are extremely willing to work with you and whatever insurance you have so you can get treatment.

Matthew D.

You work together to create a treatment plan best suited for you, and they support you so you can stick to it.

Richard D.

When I started care, I was in chronic pain in my shoulders and back. Now I'm pain-free and just took my first 7-mile hike.

Bill W.