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Chiro One of New Lenox is located on the corner of Lincoln Highway and Schoolhouse Road in the Atrium Point Strip Mall, the elevator entrance of the building faces Walgreens. It is located on the second floor in suite 204.


A healthy spine is the foundation for an active and productive life. Illness or injury can negatively impact the spine and reduce your ability to move freely. Chiro One in New Lenox, IL is your local source for effective relief from your pain, pressure and inflammation often caused by spinal misalignments. The wellness-based New Lenox chiropractor office is located just outside Chicago for your convenience.

Spinal misalignments affect more than posture and joints. The brain uses the spine as a channel to communicate with organs and the central nervous system. Subluxations, or misaligned vertebrae, disrupt this communication. When your nervous system isn’t operating optimally, dysfunction can occur. And over time, dysfunction brings dis-ease and then finally, symptoms. You may experience fatigue, lack of mental clarity, numbness in the hands and feet, stiffness, and loss of movement and range of motion to just name a few. Our chiropractor team in New Lenox, IL can help alleviate any of the above pain and symptoms.

Regular chiropractic adjustments gradually ease vertebrae back into alignment. Patients with acute symptoms like active pain and inflammation often find relief after just a few visits. Continued treatment restores proper alignment along the spine and allows the brain and body to communicate clearly and easily, through the nervous system. After healing is complete, periodic maintenance visits keep patients in optimal health and remove or prevent future subluxations.

The team at Chiro One in New Lenox, IL is dedicated to helping patients achieve their healthiest life. This is done through hands-on treatments, therapies and patient education. With the help of the chiropractic experts at Chiro One, patients can take charge of their own health and avoid risky surgeries or drug therapies with questionable side effects. Whether your discomfort is the result of injury, accident, or illness, your New Lenox chiropractor team is here to help. Call us or schedule your personal spinal assessment online.


More About the Community of New Lenox

Situated in Will County, New Lenox is a suburb of the city of Chicago. New Lenox is the home of the Lincoln-Way Patriots, a semi-professional football team that is part of the Mid States Football League. The leading New Lenox chiropractor at Chiro One is proud to be a part of the community.