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Chiropractic Therapies: Walking Traction

The chiropractic adjustment can open doors to incredible health and wellness… but is there more you could be doing? Absolutely! To complement adjustments, we prescribe active therapies in all of our offices. These exercises (and the ways they’re performed) depend on each patient’s needs and are prescribed by our doctors of chiropractic.

To take a closer look, we got together with chiropractic director of Chiro One Oak Brook, Dr. Jill Pickens, and she broke down five of our most-prescribed therapies—detailing the possible whats, whys and hows behind each one!

Let’s take a look at one of our most asked-about exercises: Walking Traction.

Chiropractic Traction with Dr. Jill

Hi! This is Dr. Jill of Chiro One in Oak Brook. Today, I’m showing you a therapy that is used mostly to correct the spine. We’re doing something called walking traction, and there are a lot of different types of traction that we do in our offices.

Walking traction is cool because there’s a force on the back part of the neck and one pulling the head back—this is a more advanced form of traction. It helps stretch out muscles, but it also helps the ligaments to form to a new shape, so with this therapy, the neck and head is not going to move very much.

Walking traction allows us to walk while we’re doing therapy. That sends a signal up to our brain, telling it about the position of the joints in the neck. Something we want to make sure of when you’re doing walking traction is good posture and making sure that you’re continuing to walk or step in place so that you get the best benefit for your spine.

What not to do is to look down at your shoes while you’re doing this or stick your butt out like a duck—this is not helping our posture! Also, this therapy can be customized to what you need, so not everyone will do traction, and not everyone will do it on their neck. It really depends on what phase of care you’re in. Each spine is completely different, so everyone gets a different type of traction if they need it!

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