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Chiropractic Therapies: Exercise Bands

Here at Chiro One, we often prescribe active therapies to complement our patients’ chiropractic adjustments—improving core strength, posture, flexibility and much more! These exercises (and the ways they’re performed) depend on each patient’s needs and are prescribed by our doctors of chiropractic.

To take a closer look, we got together with
chiropractic director of Chiro One Oak Brook,
Dr. Jill Pickens, and she broke down five of our most-prescribed therapies—detailing the possible whats, whys and hows behind each one!

Let’s take a look at one of our most popular therapies: Exercise Bands.

Exercise Bands with Dr. Jill

Hi, guys! It’s Dr. Jill at Chiro One in Oak Brook. I’m going to show you a piece of active equipment that you might see in all of our offices. This is the exercise band—we have it in a few different colors.

These bands are used for therapeutic exercise in our office. It helps the muscles with strength, endurance and flexibility. It also helps you hold your adjustment longer and gets your brain used to the adjustment, especially if you’re doing it within close proximity to the adjustment—in fact, that’s why we do in-office therapies! This can also help correct posture if you have that forward “turtle-like” posture. Also, it can help restore the curvature in the neck—in a corrective sense. We do a lot of different types of care in our offices. Our docs prescribe exercises differently depending on what each patient needs, so you might see people doing this a little bit differently somewhere else… and that’s okay!

One thing that we want to make sure we’re doing when we perform this exercise is DON’T let go of the bands. That would totally snap in your face and not be fun. We also want to make sure that we’re retracting our chin and tucking back before we start the exercise, because if we’re just jutting that chin out, we’re creating a turtle posture which is also counter-productive to most people’s spines.

So again, you might find that your doctor has prescribed it differently for you. We also use these bands for different exercises for the upper back and the lower back, just to help everything get stronger so that you can make more progress and be in less pain.

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