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How many times has this happened to you?

  • You treat your headache pain with medication, only to have it return the next day.
  • You have a massage to release that shoulder tension but in no time, they’re back up around your ears.
  • Or you try ice or heat for your back pain, but the pain never really goes away.

Medication, massage, ice, and heat are all great ways to find short-term relief from pain symptoms, but to find lasting relief, you need to treat the source of your pain – not just the symptom.

Referred pain is pain that originates in one area of the body but is felt in another, and it’s more common than you think. For example, did you know that knee pain can be caused by sitting or driving? That’s because it can cause tight ligaments in your hip – which connect to the knee.

Learn about referred pain and the common ways it could be showing up in your life – and how the cause may be as simple as the everyday tasks that make up your routine. Then discover how Chiro One addresses referred pain at the source to help you find relief that lasts.


Pain is Not Normal – and it Doesn’t have to Be a Normal Part of Your Routine.

A thorough assessment, gentle adjustments and active therapies from Chiro One can help you solve your pain puzzle for good.

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