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Strike Your Power Pose

Strike Your Power Pose 

Good posture doesn’t have to be another chore on your To Do list – another thing to get right. Think of it instead as a gateway to feeling great – to more confidence, increased energy, and less pain and tension.  

That’s right — when your spine curvature maintains its S shape and your joints are aligned, your nerves are no longer compressed, allowing you to move through your day in more delightful ways.  

According to Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, people with strong posture are more likely to think and act in powerful ways. Good posture can also help you prevent sciatica, Dowager’s Hump and other neuro-musculoskeletal conditions.

Striking your power pose is all about feeling your best. It’s about moving with less pain and more energy – whether you’re standing atop a ski slope or just able to stand (or sit) without pain. Good posture allows you to get more done and get more joy out of doing it.

The best news? You can start small and still see big results. Just two minutes of power posing a day can change how you feel about yourself — which can alter the outcome of your day.  And, one day at a time, maybe even, your lifelong wellness.

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More Simple Exercises to Help You Improve Your Posture

These may sound simple, but they can add up to some serious posture support. Try starting these habits to help maintain a healthy posture:

  • Set an alarm every hour to remind you to sit back in your desk chair instead of leaning forward toward your screen
  • Center your weight while sitting by keeping both feet on the floor
  • Fold a towel into a long rectangle, then roll it into a cylinder and place it behind your lower back for support
  • Get up and stretch every half hour when you’re sitting
  • Balance the weight you carry evenly across your back
  • Place a pillow between your knees when you sleep
  • See a chiropractor to make sure your spine is aligned
Ready to Find a Chiropractor Who can Help you go from Slouch Posture to Power Pose with Care Plans Customized to Your Lifestyle?

Check in with your nearest Chiro One doc at one of our welcoming open-plan clinics across the country. They’ll perform a thorough exam to investigate the root cause of your pain, then personalize your care plan — a combination of gentle chiropractic adjustments and active therapies to get you feeling better longer. Find a Chiro One doctor near you.

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