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Solve the Pain Puzzle: How to Relieve Pain that Just Keeps Coming Back

It seems reasonable to assume that where we feel the problem is where we need to treat it. Right?

It’s intuitive to think that back pain is caused by a problem in your back, or that knee pain is triggered by an issue with, well, your knee. But in a surprising number of patients, the pain they’re experiencing is actually referred pain: pain that is felt in one area of the body but is actually triggered or caused by an issue in another area.

In fact, most of us will experience some form of referred pain (if you’re reading this, you’ve probably experiences it already.) For example, who among us hasn’t had a tension headache? That dull, aching pain that feels like you have a tight band wrapped around your head? The kind of headache that leaves your scalp, neck and shoulders feeling tense, tender or sore?

Nearly all tension headaches are triggered by tension or misalignments in the jaw, or even more commonly, by postural issues affecting the neck and shoulders (think about it: a stressful day has you tensing your shoulders and jaw and boom! Tension headache.)

Chiro One provides lasting pain relief by performing a comprehensive evaluation to identify the root cause of your pain, then treating it at the source with gentle chiropractic adjustments and active therapies.

Here’s how referred pain may show up in your life.

Solve the Pain Puzzle Infographic

Pain is Not Normal – and it Doesn’t have to Be a Normal Part of Your Routine.

Ready for relief? A thorough assessment, gentle adjustments and active therapies from Chiro One can help you solve your pain puzzle for good.

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