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Should I Get Adjusted While Pregnant

Many chiropractic patients want to know: Should I still get adjusted if I’m pregnant?  

It’s a good question — and the answer is yes

Chiropractic care can help support a healthy pregnancy and reduce associated back pain.  

During pregnancy, a woman’s body will produce a hormone that impacts the ligaments and spinal joints in the back, which can create significant changes in posture, movement, and overall musculoskeletal health. Sometimes, this hormone can even loosen joints creating instability in the bones.  

As a result, pregnant women may begin experiencing low back pain, leg pain, headaches, and trouble sleeping.  

Once the baby begins to weigh more than a few ounces, the additional weight can throw pregnant women even more off balance – creating the “perfect storm” for back pain.  

We Treat Pregnancy

Here are some other factors that can impact pain levels during pregnancy:  

  • Pregnant women may carry 20-30 extra pounds  
  • Abdominal muscles, which are important for stability and balance will weaken throughout the pregnancy 
  • Pregnancy can accentuate the lower back curve, which causes additional strain on the spine  

During pregnancy, chiropractic care works to realign the spine and promote musculoskeletal health, which can help correct spinal misalignments and muscle pain.  

Many healthcare professionals recommend that their pregnant patients see a chiropractor – especially during the third trimester. A chiropractor can help ease any tightness in muscles, joints, and ligaments to improve stability in the spine and pelvic regions.  

You should also know that chiropractors are specially trained to adjust pregnant women safely. Pregnant patients will use a custom table that holds the “bump,” and a thorough exam will be done before any adjustments are made. Also, if you are pregnant, it’s important to tell your chiropractor about any health issues you have.  

Did you know? The benefits of chiropractic care don’t stop once you’ve given birth. For many women, postpartum chiropractic care can improve the middle-back and neck pain caused by holding your baby and breastfeeding.  

Overall, chiropractic care is a wonderful way to decrease discomfort, minimize neck and back pain, and support patients through a healthy pregnancy and postpartum journey.  

If you’re pregnant and you want to start feeling better, schedule a consultation with a Chiro One doctor, click here


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