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Patient Success Story: Ear Infections

Children are extremely prone to ear infections and often parents wind up turning to antibiotics and sometimes surgery to help keep the infections at bay. A growing group of parents has discovered that chiropractic is an excellent tool for improving middle ear drainage and decreasing ear infections.

Our success story today comes from a long-time patient of chiropractic and team member at Chiro One Wellness Center of Waukegan. Her son has been seeing a chiropractor since he was a little boy and she’s witnessed his successes firsthand.

Years of Painful Ear Infections Stopped After Visiting a Chiropractor

“When my son Chris was little, he suffered from continuous ear infections. Not a week went by without one. He was constantly on antibiotics and by the time he turned four, he was going to get tubes put in both ears.

At that time, I was working for a chiropractor and I mentioned it to them. They said; please bring him in so that he can get adjusted. However, due to some schedule issues, I wasn’t able to get him in soon enough, and he developed another ear infection. At this point it was more of an emergency because he was in such severe pain. I brought him in to the office with a “full blown” ear infection, crying because of the pain. It was a difficult time and I didn’t have much support. My parents were telling me I was a bad mom because I was “letting him suffer instead of taking him to the doctor and get him on meds!”

My chiropractor adjusted his neck and just like “magic” the pain subsided immediately, not hours or minutes later, immediately. I remember watching him lifting his leg while in pain and when he got adjusted he stopped crying and his leg went down “what a release.” My parents were still skeptical and couldn’t believe that the pain had gone away after his adjustment.

After that, I continued to bring him for regular adjustments and since then, he has not had any other issues with his ear. My son is now 17 years old and he has hardly had any colds or illness, and if he did, he gets adjusted. My son said, in his own words, “I don’t take any meds, I go to the chiropractor.”

Since then, my parents became believers of chiropractic because they were able to see how he went from being sick all the time to a perfect healthy boy! I love chiropractic as a lifestyle for me and my family.”

-Karina R., Team Member of Chiro One Waukegan


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