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Choose Conservative and Safe Chiropractic Care First

When it comes to health and healthcare in the United States,
most would agree we have many issues. Not only is the overall
state of health in this country rather poor, but our system of
“treating” illness, disease and injuries is focused
on quick fixes, after-the-fact treatments and short-term care.
The chiropractic community has set out to change this model—and
you’re a part of that change!

At Chiro One Wellness Centers, we provide our patients drug and surgery-free solutions to all too common conditions like back pain, neck pain, headaches and more. Here’s a bit more on conservative care—and why it’s an important approach to improving your health and staying well.

What is conservative care?

Just as it sounds, conservative care means to take a cautious, safe and moderate approach to treating a health issue. Unfortunately, many people are recommended aggressive, costly and often risky treatments for all kinds of illness and disease. For example, back and neck pain treatment within the medical community can often include spine surgeries, spinal injections and prescription drugs, and many times these treatments do not solve the problem, mask symptoms or cause further issues down the road.

Choose Conservative and Safe Chiropractic Care First

How does chiropractic fit into conservative care?

Chiropractic is one of the best examples of conservative care as it is a safe, holistic, drug-free and non-invasive method to diagnosis and treat pain, and also maintain and enhance overall health and well-being. Your expert chiropractor uses gentle spinal manipulation and therapeutic and rehabilitating exercises to address pain and symptoms. In addition, chiropractors can advise patients on important nutritional, ergonomic and lifestyle changes.

All doctors of chiropractic have undergone extensive schooling and training through nationally accredited programs, amassing a minimum of 4,200 hours of classroom, laboratory and clinical internship.

Who should choose conservative care?

While we can’t possibly say that a conservative care route like chiropractic will be to any or all health issues, it should certainly be considered as a first (and hopefully only!) step. Reducing the need for drugs or surgery could be critical to your overall health in the long-term. Of course, if your condition is best treated by another method or medical professional, your chiropractor will advise you of this.

We are proud to be an organization working toward creating a better healthcare system that serves patients’ health and well-being first—and we’re proud to continue to serve you. We congratulate you on your commitment to a healthier, pain-free life!


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