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Case study shows exciting data resolution of Chronic Constipation in a Neonate following Chiropractic care to reduce vertebral subluxation with Gonstead Technique.

A recent article in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health reported on a study that documented the positive effects of chiropractic adjustments on an 11- week-old male with chronic constipation. An 11-week-old male presented for chiropractic consultation with the primary complaints being constipation and excess crying. The patient’s difficulty with pushing and grunting to achieve a bowel movement were associated with his crying.

The patient’s constipation affected his eating and sleeping habits. Medical care consisted of leg exercises, abdominal massage, gripe water and Mylicon.
“Over 8 weeks the infant had only 5 bowel movements,” said Dr. Jeremy Hayes, Flossmoor-based D.C., who follows health and wellness issues closely in professional journals and other publications, “which his mother attributed to prune juice intake and suppositories twice a week.”

Associated with the subjective complaints of abdominal pain and bloating, incomplete evacuation or the need for digital evacuation to enable defecation, constipation is commonly characterized as infrequent bowel movement. “In children, its estimated that constipation has a prevalence ranging from 0.3% to 28% worldwide,“ said Hayes, “and this occurs at three common stages of childhood – at infancy during weaning, in toddlers learning toileting skills, and when the child is of school age.” In a long-term follow-up study of children less than 5 years of age presenting for medical care with complaints of constipation, some 30% of these children continue to suffer after 2 years.

“Over a period of 10 weeks, the patient attended a total of 14 visits using Gonstead technique to reduce vertebral subluxation.” stated Hayes. The result was an improvement in the child’s constipation by having several bowel movements per day, which was congruent with the bowel movement frequency of unaffected children. “This case report highlights the possible effectiveness of alleviating complaints of constipation in neonates with chiropractic adjustments,” explained Dr. Jeremy Hayes, D.C., “and it is encouraged that further research in this area be performed.”
Hayes reports similar results in his office:

Read Kestyn Johnson’s Story.
My name is Jessica Johnson. I brought my daughter, Kestyn, to Chiro One Wellness Center of Flossmoor to see if chiropractic could help with her difficult bowel movements, acid reflux and allergies. I was skeptical at first, but willing to give it a try. When Kestyn was born, she didn’t have a bowel movement for the first ten days. She was extremely uncomfortable and colicky and she had a tough time breast feeding. She was diagnosed with acid reflux at two months old and I was told that she was allergic to cow’s milk. Kestyn was put on a special formula that cost nine dollars a day and I was told for her first year that she wasn’t allowed any soy, milk or dairy products. The GI Specialist that I took Kestyn to also said she would probably be on meds for her acid reflux forever. Kestyn was three months old when I brought her to Chiro One. After a couple months of chiropractic care, Kestyn was having regular bowel movements, was off her special formula (which is saving me tons of money!) and now she has no allergies to milk or dairy. After nine months of care, she was a normal baby.


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