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6 Ways to Help Your Kids Sleep Easier

Experts agree, getting enough sleep is critical
when it comes to kids’ body and brain development.
Kids need consistent rest to ensure they stay alert,
cope with the demands of the classroom and get the most out of their learning experiences.
Here are a few healthy sleep habits to help your kids get enough quality ZZZs each night.

Stick to a Schedule: Regular bedtimes and wake times are important when it comes to building good sleep habits. Typically, children need
eight to 13 hours of sleep, depending on their age and body. Keep a sleep journal to figure out the right amount for your child; record the hours of
sleep and their behavior during the day for a week. Once you’ve settled on the right length of sleep time, be sure to consistently wake your child
around the same time—even on the weekends. Allowing them to “sleep-in” on certain days can disrupt their internal clock, or circadian rhythm,
making it harder to fall asleep at night and stick to their weekday sleep schedule.

Create a Routine: Children thrive on routine. Doing the same things around the same time each night, like taking baths (add organic lavender
bath bubbles for an extra calming effect), putting out clothes for the morning or reading together helps your child feel comfortable and relaxed. And
keep your routine simple so it can be easily repeated by your partner or caregiver when needed.

Limit Screen Time: Research shows that overexposure to artificial light, specifically blue light, inhibits the production of melatonin,
the hormone crucial to sleep cycles. Many kids (and adults—yes you!) are so devoted to their tablets, cell phones, computer screens and TVs that
it may seem difficult to enforce this rule. But it’s worth it; even a half-hour of lost melatonin production could mean an extra two hours spent struggling
to fall asleep. Power down your family’s devices at least an hour before bed and spend time talking, reading or playing quietly.

6 Ways to Help Your Kids Sleep Easier

Keep it Cool: Experts recommend to keep bedrooms slightly cool at night to set the stage for deeper, uninterrupted sleep. So turn that
thermostat down in the evening to around 70 degrees and dress your child appropriately so they’re still comfortable if blankets get kicked off during
the night.

Snack it Up: Heard the old advice about drinking a glass of warm milk before bedtime? Well, times have changed and there are other healthier,
sleep-inducing snacks to choose from, like bananas, Greek yogurt or organic turkey. These all contain tryptophan, a sleep-triggering amino acid. A
small snack, one to two hours before bed, leaves kids satisfied before they hit the hay. And remember, bedtime is no time for sweets. Fend off late
night sugar highs by avoiding all grains and sugars!

Try Something Different: If traditional bedtime tips just aren’t working for your child, consider introducing something new to your routine,
like a sequence of stress-releasing yoga poses. Yoga before bedtime allows your child to shift focus from a busy day. Kids of all ages may fall asleep
easier and sleep deeper due to the calming benefits of yoga postures, and the associated relaxation and breathing techniques. Look for a kids’ yoga
class at your local park district or fitness facility and then incorporate some poses into your bedtime routine.


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