Back in Action: “My Life is No Longer Bound by Pain and Its Management”

Back in Action: “My Life is No Longer Bound by Pain and Its Management”

In early 2017, the American College of Physicians
released new guidelines for the treatment of low back pain, advising doctors to prescribe gentle, non-invasive care
like chiropractic as the first line of defense. There’s a reason for this. Simply put: conservative care works—without
the added risks that come with medication or surgery.

One of our patients learned that it works firsthand—going from likening chiropractic to “snake oil” or “a 19th century catch-all” to living without
pain, finally free of the limitations chronic back pain once trapped him in. Here’s his story.

“When I first came to Chiro One, I was experiencing severe lower back pain and tightness. I couldn’t sit upright for long, and the pain would shoot down
my legs. It became unsafe when this paralyzing pain left me unable to move my feet or legs while driving, and I couldn’t brake. I couldn’t drive, ride
my bike or sit at my desk at work.

I was unable to [treat] the pain with rest and menthol patches. When that didn’t work, a doctor gave me muscle relaxers and painkillers. Before Chiro One,
I thought the benefits of chiropractic were exaggerated—not unlike a 19th century cure-all or snake oil.

Back in Action: “My Life is No Longer Bound by Pain and Its Management”

However, if you take time to listen to how chiropractic works then it makes sense. It works for me! At first, the pain was no longer constant, and it was
less severe, so I stuck with my treatments. Now, the pain is basically non-existent. I sleep more comfortably. I can go for long bike rides again.
I can sit upright again. My life is no longer bound by pain and its management.

Chiropractic has made me more aware of my body and what caused the pain to begin with, so I know how to prevent the pain while staying active and full
of energy. Come in with an open mind and try it for yourself. Stick with it, and you will see how it will work for you.”

– Lansing Patient