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Are My Legs Different Lengths

Here’s a number that may surprise you:  

90% of the population has two legs that are not the exact same length.  

Yes – you read that right.  

Nine out of 10 people have a leg length discrepancy. But the good news is that only a small number have a leg length inequality of more than 5 mm (one-quarter inch).  

So, if your legs are different lengths, don’t worry. This is quite common. And leg length disparity is a treatable condition. Many people have a “functional short leg,” or the shortening of a limb due to joint fixation, muscle weakness, or misalignments.  

Some patients with leg length discrepancy may also have chronic low back pain, hip pain, and knee pain. This is expected because the imbalance is causing them to have an uneven foundation. If you have low back pain, hip pain, knee pain, or problems with your ankles, you could have leg length disparity.  

And if you put off treating this condition, your pain symptoms may get worse.  

In severe cases, leg length discrepancies may even lead to scoliosis.  

In most cases, however, a chiropractor can help reduce the effects of leg length discrepancy.  

Leg adjustment

Chiropractic adjustments can help correct spinal misalignments that can cause uneven posture and stress on the body. Or your doctor may give you specific exercises and stretches to help address muscular and bio-mechanical imbalances.  

But here’s the key:  

To diagnose and treat a leg length disparity, you need to be treated by a professional. Your Chiro One doctor can help you identify the problem and find non-invasive, natural solutions that don’t include taking medication or having surgery.  

Ready to start feeling better and moving more freely?  

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