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Tips to Get Back on Track After Post-Holiday Indulgence

Tips to Get Back on Track After Holiday Indulgence

Holiday travel has subsided, your bank account is recovering slowly and your new gym membership is waiting on you! The holidays are always excessive, and you may find yourself struggling to get back into a healthy routine. Below are a few Be Well blog tips to set you on the right path in the new year!

    1. Try detoxing. Preparing your body with a detox of certain foods can help regulate your system. Try substituting fruit for candy, or zero-sugar beverages like water for soda.
    1. Meal prep. During the holidays people rarely pay attention to portion control. Take a Sunday to prep all the meals you need for the week and keep your portions accurate. Try our easy pepper steak recipe! Remember these portion percentages: 50 percent vegetables, 30 percent protein and 20 percent starch
    1. Write down your goals. A new year means a new YOU!
      Write down your goals for the week, month or year, and keep them in
      a visible place so that you can see them and hold yourself accountable.
      Use our activity log to help!
  1. Plan ahead. Don’t bring the chaos of the holidays into the new year. Have a calendar or planner handy to write down your self-care routine, workouts and vacation days—in ink!