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4 Holiday Gratitude Traditions

Start a new tradition this Thanksgiving Day with these ideas for sharing gratitude. Better yet, keep these traditions going all year long!

Around the table. This is the classic way to share your gratitude.

  1. Start with the youngest (or the oldest, the tallest, the silliest—whomever you’d like).
  2. Have the first person share something they are grateful for.
  3. Continue around the table and enjoy hearing what everyone has to say.
  4. Consider going around the group more than one time.

(Tip: You could do this before the meal begins or you could keep it going during the meal.)


Anonymously grateful. An interesting way to express everyone’s gratitude.

  1. Have everyone write down what they are most grateful for on a small piece of paper.
  2. Toss all of the pieces of paper into a big bowl.
  3. Then, have each person go around the circle and pull out one to read.
  4. Keep the writer a secret or have fun guessing and shouting out who wrote what.


Guess who’s grateful? This is an extended version of the last idea; basically, you try to match the thankful words to the person who said it!

  1. Tear up enough strips of paper for everyone to have two.
  2. Put a number on each piece of paper.
  3. Have everyone grab two strips of paper (they don’t have to be close in number order) and write down something they are grateful for on each piece.
  4. Put all the pieces of paper into a bowl.
  5. Now, give everyone one full-sized sheet of paper and have them write down the names of everyone there (including themselves). (Tip: To save time, you can type up this beforehand and print enough copies for everyone.)
  6. Then, have a person pick out one strip at a time and read it aloud, including the number.
  7. As the grateful words and sentences are read aloud, everyone guesses who said what by putting the number by the person’s name on their paper.
  8. Keep going until all the strips of paper are read.
  9. Give one point for each correctly identified person. The most points wins!


Thankful Pictionary. A twist on the classic game.

  1. Follow all the rules of Pictionary, but instead have each person draw something they are grateful for.
  2. For an added twist, have everyone write down what they are grateful for on scraps of paper and then each person picks someone else’s to draw.

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving from all of us at Chiro One Wellness Centers.