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Years of Sciatic Pain Relieved Through Chiropractic

Years of Sciatic Pain Relieved Through Chiropractic

We have an incredible patient story for you today—you’ll be blown away by the changes this patient experienced after many years of pain and

“When I came to Chiro One Wellness Centers, I had a lot going on. I had foot pain, sciatic nerve pain—it was so bad that I couldn’t sit or stand
for a long period of time. I had big tension spots in my back from high stress and bad posture. Finally, I had severe symptoms from myasthenia gravis
[a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease that affects the skeletal muscles of the body].

I had been battling these symptoms for so long, I can’t really remember when they began. I just remember I felt like I was bouncing between doctors week
after week for a solution, until I walked into CVS and saw a Chiro One representative offering a discount on the initial visit and X-ray.

Before coming in, I had tried heating pads, cold packs, medicine, physical therapy, IVG treatments to replace antibodies in my body, hospital stays, MRIs,
CT scans, orthotics and steroid shots. I knew that chiropractic had worked years ago when I was fighting irritable bowel syndrome, however, I didn’t
think it could help with all of the things that I was going through, especially the myasthenia graves, foot pain and diabetes.

Chiropractic is truly miraculous. I went a whole year without a myasthenia episode after being hospitalized twice the year before. I am pain free and now
exercising 60 minutes a day. My blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol are all lower.

Dr. Daphne is amazing. She explains everything at a level a first grader could get it. Plus, she took time out of her schedule to conduct a grocery store
tour to teach us about making good, healthy choices for the entire family. My husband and daughter come [to Chiro One] and my husband is a totally
different person. He has more energy and no more back pain. I recommended chiropractic care to a coworker with Polio and she loves it, too. She has
more pep in her step! I could keep going on and on.”

–  Bolingbrook Patient