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Breeze Through the Holidays with 7 Stress Relief Techniques

Breeze Through the Holidays with 7 Stress Relief Techniques

From the mad rush to buy the ideal gift to the spending sprees and splurges to fighting the store crowds to planning traditional,
festive meals—the
holiday season is rife with bounties, including heaps of stress! No need to panic. We’ve come up with stress-relief
techniques to bolster your
health and well-being during this very stressful time of year.

Laugh – Your immune system will function better with a small dose of laughter therapy. “Laughing like crazy reduces stress hormones,”
says Health.com. We couldn’t agree more. Your witty uncle with the old-school reindeer sweater will lend the holiday gatherings a mood boost!

Shy away from perfection – During the holidays, you don’t need to strive for perfection. Rather, enjoy the company of the people around
you! If the dinner silverware is not laid out to a T, by golly, forget it and enjoy a hearty meal with the people at your dinner table. Simply put,
you’ll stress less.

Lose the tech (just for an instant) – You won’t miss it. Exhausting cell phone alerts and constant messages compete for your attention
with the folks around you and contribute to unneeded stress. Why not turn off your gadgets during a get together? The only thing you’ll miss is the

Turn up the volume – to your favorite music, that is! Research done at the University of Maryland found that listening to music you enjoy
relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow, calming you and contributing to a healthy heart.

Breeze Through the Holidays with 7 Stress Relief Techniques

Jazzercise – or incorporate any type of physical exercise into your busy schedule! Go for a run, shovel snow or take the kids for a sleigh
ride! All of these activities, and any more you can imagine, will get your heart pumping and your endorphins kicking to give you a mood boost for up
to 12 hours.

Slow down – To nip stress in the bud, don’t take on more than you can handle, especially during the hectic holidays. It’s perfectly fine
to say no to certain projects. You will avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed in the process. Stick to your schedule and don’t overbook!

Time for a mini vacation – Even four or five days off from work can lower your stress levels dramatically. You can opt-in for a relaxing
staycation or book in advance a real getaway to the coast! Scheduling a mini vacation gives you a relaxing time to which you can look forward!

The holidays are the best time of the season for many. Keep your energy levels high and your happiness at its peak by following any or all of the above
stress-buster techniques. Have a stress-free and jolly-filled holiday season!