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What is an Adjustment: Mechanical By Dr. Mike McGovern

What is an Adjustment: Mechanical By Dr. Mike McGovern

As a chiropractic blog, we find ourselves explaining the basics of the chiropractic adjustment
pretty regularly—that it helps remove misalignments in the spine, making it easier for your
brain to communicate with the rest of the body. This helps to fight disease, injury and discomfort
(in a lot of unexpected ways!).

But… isn’t there more than that? What is it actually doing to the rest of your body?

Today, Dr. Mike McGovern breaks it all down for us in this very special three-part series. We hope you enjoy!

– The Be Well Blog

When you lie down on the table for your chiropractic adjustment, what’s actually happening? What is the adjustment, and what is it doing?

We can look at this from three views:

  1. 1. Mechanical
  2. 2. Neurological
  3. 3. Biochemical

Today, let’s take a look at what the adjustment is doing to your body mechanically and what that means for you and your health.

Your skeleton is made up of bones held together by ligaments and tendons that are moved by muscles that receive signals from your brain.

By the age of 5, you’d had at least 200 falls that were serious enough to change the alignment of your spine for the worse. Over time that has affected your posture in a negative way.

Your head is tilted to one side, one of your shoulders is higher than the other, etc. You can look in the mirror and see this to be true.

Part of the chiropractic adjustment is restoring the alignment of your spine and joints like your shoulders, hips, knees and others. This is the mechanical benefit of the adjustment which slows down and often prevents premature degeneration and arthritis from poor posture.

Other mechanical benefits of the adjustment include feeling taller, standing straighter, breathing more easily and decreased pain.

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Dr. Michael McGovern, D.C. Portrait

Dr. Michael McGovern, D.C., is an associate chiropractor at
Chiro One Wellness Center of Vernon Hills and contributing writer
for the Be Well blog. He earned his doctorate in chiropractic from
Palmer College of Chiropractic and specializes in nutrition,
hormone balancing, sleep optimization, vitamin therapy and adrenal fatigue.