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A Quick Way to Help Your Achy Back

A Quick Way to Help Your Achy Back

So many of us sit for a living. Every day we’re at our
desks for hours at a time, hunched over the computer—head down,
shoulders slumped. Sure, there are super-fit types who sit on a
giant balance ball while working and amazing multi-taskers who
have treadmill desks in their office! But for the rest of us regular
folks, we need an easy, inexpensive way to take a break, care for our
backs and improve our postures. Brugger’s Relief Pose is the answer.

Brugger’s What?

Named after Swiss neurologist Alois Brügger and invented in the 1950s, Brugger’s Relief Pose is a simple exercise you can do a few times throughout the day to strengthen your posture and relieve back pain. Brugger’s Pose is also a great tension reliever. It’s most commonly practiced while seated, but can be modified to be done standing or even while riding in a car.

The Steps

For those who work in a seated position for the majority of the day, practice Brugger’s Relief Pose for 10 seconds every 20 minutes or so. Here’s how:

  • Hold your head up high
  • Sit with your legs slightly apart
  • Turn your legs out slightly
  • Rest your weight on your legs and feet and relax abdominal muscles
  • Tilt your pelvis forward and raise your breastbone up
  • Keep your hands palms-up
  • Turn your arms slightly outward
  • Hold this position while taking deep “belly” breaths for 10 seconds

The Payoff

You might feel a little silly trying it out at first but the payoff of Brugger’s Relief Pose is worth it. It may help you avoid that tense, strained and knotty feeling that’s so common at the end of a workday. Do your back a favor and set the timer on your computer or phone to remind you that it’s time for Brugger’s Relief Pose.

A Quick Way to Help Your Achy Back