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5 Healthy Breakfasts That’ll Help You Start the Day

5 Healthy Breakfasts That’ll Help You Start the Day

Good morning, sunshine—it’s time to rise and grind! But first you need fuel, and a cup of coffee and
a bite of high-fructose granola bar just won’t cut it. In fact, a lot of the breakfast selections we consider “easy”
aren’t exactly the easiest on your body.

Let’s take a look at some protein-packed, all-natural breakfast alternatives that’ll give you a fresh, healthy start to the day!

Overnight Oats

OK, friends—we know, we talk about overnight oats a lot. But they’re such a good breakfast option
(in moderation!) how could we not? Full of fiber and easily paired with different flavors, oats are
a great way to get the nutrients you need. Stick to Greek yogurt, a bit of honey, some berries, a scoop
of nut butter, almond milk and some steel-cut oats.

Eggs Your Way!

A breakfast classic, eggs are a protein-rich way to start the day off right, and there are so many
variations you can try. Have to leave quickly in the morning? Prep some hard-boiled eggs the night before to take with you, and pair them with some kiwi and berries. If you’ve got more time, try scrambling some eggs with black beans or a nice vegetable omelet filled with fiber-rich leafy greens.

Greek Yogurt with Chia Seeds

Fun fact: Chia seeds have double the fiber of bran flakes! Greek yogurt has way more protein than milk (12-17 grams per serving) and helps build strong bones, muscles and cartilage. Just stir the seeds into the yogurt and store it in the fridge overnight! If you’d like a little sweetness, add a little honey and top it with some fiber-rich dark berries in the morning.

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

The Greek yogurt powerhouse is back again! For a quick meal, put together a healthy breakfast smoothie—it’s the perfect way to get in a whole batch of nutrients at once. Start off easy by combining the fruit of your choice (you can use frozen), Greek yogurt, water and ice in a blender until smooth.

Apples and Almond Butter

Packed with protein, fiber and good fats, almond butter is known for being a great heart-healthy food choice. Spread thinly on some apples, and you have a bonafide snack superhero on your hands. But beware, this breakfast treat is best in moderation! Too much sugar, even natural, can be
harmful. Also, keep an eye on any additional salts, sugars and preservatives on the ingredient list when selecting which almond butter to buy. Many stores have a raw, unsalted version!

5 Healthy Breakfasts That’ll Help You Start the Day