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Chiropractic at Ten Days Old

Chiropractic at Ten Days Old

As we continue this week’s discussion on newborns and chiropractic, Alisha—one of our very own Chiro One employees—shares a story about how her son Mikey benefitted from chiropractic care at only ten days old. Check it out!

“When we first came to Chiro One, [my newborn] Mikey had stopped [having bowel movements], because I started having to supplement his feedings with formula due to low breastmilk supply. He had not eliminated for two days, and he was very cranky.

When his symptoms first started, he was uncomfortable and cried for two days. We were both very sleep-deprived, and as a parent, it was very hard to see my newborn in pain. At that point, I was also recovering from my c-section without pain meds, so it was very hard.

As far as other treatments go, we couldn’t try much with a newborn. We first went to his pediatrician and he brushed it off. Before I had chiropractic, I had digestive issues, so I knew where to take him next. (I had joined Chiro One as an employee [before he was born], but as a new parent, I panicked and went to his pediatrician first!)

Chiropractic at Ten Days Old

After seeing the chiropractor, Mikey had a very large bowel movement by the time we made it home, and since his first adjustment, he has had improved digestion. He hasn’t had to go to the doctor or ER like other kids that we know, and he rarely catches a cold—if he does, it’s gone in 1-2 days without meds.

We go to the chiropractor regularly to maintain good health and our immune systems. Mikey has been getting adjusted since he was ten days old, and now he goes once a month. When we have anything come up in our health, our chiropractor is our primary physician. I love it, and now, Mikey loves it! He asks if we can go to Dr. Katie’s ‘house’ so she can ‘get the popcorn out.’

Chiropractic has greatly improved my health and function, and I am blessed to share it with my family. I love Chiro One.”

– A.R., Flossmoor Patient

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