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Patient Success Story: Neck Pain

Patient Success Story: Neck Pain

Many patients come through our door with debilitating neck pain. Often this pain results in trouble sleeping, headaches, dizziness and more. Read this patient’s experience with neck pain, and if you know of someone who is suffering, please pass this story along!

“I came to Chiro One with upper back and neck problems, accompanied by bad headaches and pinched nerves. My first symptoms actually began about 7 years ago. Even though I was in pain, I shrugged it off as knots in my muscles and would seek out relief through massage therapy.

I did go visit a chiropractor about 5 years ago but I didn’t leave with a very promising or good first impression. Before starting at Chiro One, I thought chiropractic was invasive and once you got adjustments, your body became reliant on them. In addition, I thought the adjustments would hurt.

Chiropractic has improved my overall quality of life immensely! I can feel the change in my back, neck and diminishing headaches. I can see it in my posture while standing and sitting. Even my husband notices. One night while having dinner with him, he rubbed my neck and noticed right away that the bump I had was gone!

Patient Success Story: Neck Pain

Chiropractic has made me aware of simple stretches that really help to strengthen and relieve tension at any time. Chiropractic has also helped me seek out more healthy food alternatives and drink plenty of water.

My experience has been great!”

– Tracy, New Lenox Patient

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