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Patient Success Story: Adult Scoliosis

Patient Success Story: Adult Scoliosis

Many people who were diagnosed with scoliosis as a teen don’t know that there are ways chiropractic can help them in their adult years. Too often people with scoliosis end up living with the pain and discomfort. We’re here to help. Read how chiropractic brought relief to this patient with adult scoliosis.

Patient with Adult Scoliosis Finds Relief Through Chiropractic Care

“I came to Chiro One Wellness Centers after seeing a representative at a Farmers Market. I have had severe scoliosis my entire life. When I was younger and it was first identified, nothing was really done special to address it. There just was not the knowledge or understanding of it and I was in my late teens before it was even noticed.

I just dealt with it and the low backaches; I sat and walked on a bit of a slant. I saw an imbalance in my clothing and even the way shoes would wear out. It just became my normal. I’ve been told I’ve been able to overcompensate over the years to get by.

Before coming into Chiro One, I had heard the same stories [about chiropractic] as others (some good, some bad). I never dreamed about trying it, I believed they could not really help someone like me at this late stage.

Since trying chiropractic, my overall quality of life has extremely improved. I can never be totally corrected, but have been able to relieve some pain, stand up straighter, learn about different options—just an overall positive impact. Had I known about chiropractic earlier, I could have been helped even sooner.

My understanding of chiropractic and health has changed. I now know it’s more than just having someone “crack your back” or manipulate your muscles and bones. I also see more of how certain elements of life can affect one’s general health.

The entire experience at Chiro One has been very positive and informative. The staff is outstanding in all aspects. They truly care about your overall health and wellness, and are always kind and supportive.”

– P.C., Oak Brook Patient

Patient Success Story: Adult Scoliosis