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Patient Success Stories: Scoliosis

Patient Success Stories: Scoliosis

Scoliosis affects an estimated six to 9 million people in the United States. This prevalent issue can affect people of all ages. Today, we’re sharing two wonderful stories from patients who’ve experienced scoliosis and chiropractic care.

Young Patient’s Adolescent Scoliosis Improves

“In 2009, I was diagnosed with a moderate case of scoliosis. I tried different methods to lesson my curve, but nothing was working. In 2011, one of my friends recommended chiropractic and I started treatment at Chiro One.

Leading up to my diagnosis, I had constant pain and stress in my lower and middle back. I couldn’t participate in gym class like the other kids, and I never knew anyone else who had the same problems I did. I felt very singled out and lonely among my peers.

Before I came to Chiro One, I never knew chiropractic was an option for scoliosis. Since I’ve come, I’m not in pain any more. I’m much happier and healthier. It’s created a space where I can feel comfortable with my body and my progress. I’m so much better than I’ve ever been.”

-Alexa, Chiro One Patient

Pain and Posture Improve in Adult Scoliosis Case

“When I started chiropractic care, I had several pains related to my scoliosis curvature, but I had always worked through them until March 31, 2015. On that day, I had a severe and sudden pain in my right shoulder blade. I couldn’t get out of bed or get dressed on my own. The pain was so sharp, I felt I would pass out.

I knew I needed to get under chiropractic care immediately. My husband had already been going to Chiro One of Oak Brook and I began treatment with Dr. Jill. In the first round of care from April to July, I experienced many improvements.

From the first X-ray, my spine was off by 38 degrees—now it’s only 20 degrees off. The difference is from 101 centimeters to 48 centimeters. My body has better alignment and my posture has improved. My malformed right kidney is now untwisted, my sharp pain in my shoulder is gone and my hips are aligned. I also experience less discomfort during my menstrual cycles.

Before daily living was difficult and providing quality care to my children was a challenge. Now I can do more with much less pain and I can sleep through the night. The care and positive affirmations I received while going through this most difficult period is amazing.”

-Linda, Oak Brook Patient