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Find your love! Part I

Find your love! Part I
Make no mistake about it. You will never be truly fulfilled, successful or happy until you find it. I’m not talking about the romantic/partner/soul mate kind of love; I’m speaking of finding something to do with your life that you love so much, you would do it for free. Your purpose in life.

In my brief life thus far, I have had the honor and privilege to personally meet, know and learn from people at the top of their game. From Olympic and world champions, professional sports All-Stars and Hall of Famers to politicians, business leaders, clergy and teachers. In every instance, and I do mean EVERY, those who made it to the top absolutely, unequivocally and without fail, loved what they do.

Recently, I was talking to a Chicago auto dealership owner, Joe. The conversation wasn’t just about cars, but about life. He is a Lebanese immigrant who decided to pursue the American dream. A businessperson at heart, he fell in love with cars and then pursued his passion. Twenty plus years later, he is one of the most successful automobile dealers in the country. While talking to Joe, in walks Joe Perillo. For those who live in Chicago, that name is synonymous with BMWs and a long-standing icon of the Windy City.

How to find your love (it’s not what you think), Part I

Having met several years ago, the two Joe’s became fast friends. While talking to Joe Perillo, the owner of one of the most successful BMW dealerships in the world, he told me about a point in his career when he didn’t know if he could keep up with the demands of his business. He experienced every entrepreneur’s nightmare, trying to be everything to everyone. It was at this crossroads that he forced himself to reevaluate why he was doing this. After writing out on a piece of paper what he wanted in a perfect career, he then realized that what he was doing was, in fact, his dream job. He absolutely loved cars…and even more so, BMWs.  Two of the best and brightest business people in the world, and they both love what they do.

Later this week, I’ll share with you another story—this time from down in the jungles of Belize. In the meanwhile, take some time to think about your life: Have you found your love?


Brett Penager