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Rock-Out Your Workout: Fitness Tech

Rock-Out Your Workout: Fitness Tech
This month we’ve shared some great pointers for strength training, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and yoga. Now we have some great technology to help support you in your fitness journey—and all these apps below are available for both Android and iOS.

StrongLifts 5×5

If strength training is your thing, download this free app. You’ll be able to track and record each workout, measure your progress and watch your body weight. All your workouts are built by your virtual coach, who tells you what exercises to do, how much weight to use and how long to rest. P.S. No ads!

12 Minute Athlete

Want to do HIIT without a gym membership? No problem, this app is a HIIT program in your pocket. It touts over 185 different HIIT workouts that are 12 minutes, 16 minutes or a timed challenge. Unfortunately, this one isn’t free, but it certainly isn’t expensive at $2.99.

Daily Yoga

A hugely popular yoga app, Daily Yoga is free and available on Android, iOS and Windows. With more than 50 yoga classes and over 400 poses, this app makes it easy to use in your living room. This is a great app for beginners, and if you’re more advanced, there are upgrades available as well.


This is an excellent pedometer app—and it’s free! It tracks your daily walking using 3D motion recognition algorithms (huh?) that are smart enough to filter out non-walking activities. Simple and easy to use, this app will show your total steps, distance, average mph, estimated calories and more.

Rock-Out Your Workout: Fitness Tech


This free app tracks the routes, distance and stats for all kinds of activities—walking, biking, running, cycling, kayaking, you name it. Sounds simple—but the cool part is that is connects you with others via social platforms, for competition or encouragement, and it also offers you audio feedback for every mile you accomplish.

Fitness Buddy

A favorite in the fitness app world, this free app has more than 300 exercises and 10+ full workouts, complete with detailed descriptions and animations. Select a workout based on a muscle group or scroll through their wide-ranging exercise library. If you really love it and want to get even more out of this app, go pro for $1.99 and access 1700+ exercises and more than 1000 high-definition videos.


You might’ve heard of this free app; make a pact with yourself to work out a certain amount of times per week—and if you don’t, you’ve got to pay up. Each week you set an exercise goal and determine how much money you want to put on the line—then you track your workout using GPS and accelerometer. If you meet your weekly goal, you’ll earn a cash reward—funded by those who didn’t.