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Share Your Love of Chiropractic with Us

Share Your Love of Chiropractic with Us
Each day, we’re lucky to hear incredible stories of healing from our patients (yes, you!). Every time a patient experiences a new level of wellness, we rejoice—because this is why we do what we do.

This month, we’re celebrating chiropractic and we encourage you to share your story with us. If your journey through chiropractic has had an effect on your life—we want to know! Ask your doctor or Chiro One team for a success story form or fill one out online at
www.chiroone.net/MyStory. Read on for some inspiring stories patients have shared with us:*

“My daughter has been a patient at Chiro One for over 3 months and her health has improved drastically. Other doctors would only medicate her for her condition, which only masked her issues. She has had no issues since being a patient…I was sold after seeing her become more ‘present’ and alive again. I have been a patient for two weeks and feel awesome!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!!!! Finding Chiro One has been a blessing.”

“Before I started going to this office for chiropractic care, I was getting migraine headaches every single day. I wouldn’t know when the last one ended and when the next one started. It was debilitating, my kids were beginning to hate me because I was always irritable and easily losing patience with them. Now, I don’t get headaches anymore. My blood pressure is almost normal and I haven’t taken medications. And oh by the way, a major surgery left a really bad, painful keloid. I had gone to a medical doctor and had gotten steroid shots but it didn’t help at all. Since I started getting regular chiropractic care, my keloid is now down to 10% of what it was. Who knew!”

Share Your Love of Chiropractic

“I was doubtful about trying chiropractic care. I was experiencing a terrible pain in my neck, constantly burning with every movement, basically just learning to live with the pain. After a few visits with Chiro One, I am feeling great, my pain is gone.”

“I have been dealing with golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow for a few years now. I have read that chiropractic practitioners [offer] a drug-free and hands-on approach to healthcare. I’ve also read that their practice and credibility is under constant scrutiny, but after going for almost a year, I no longer have pain in my elbows and do not require pain meds or cortisone shots. The only thing that changed was going there. Payoff doesn’t happen overnight and the results do take time. The end results are truly amazing.”

“Beginning chiropractic has been easily one of the top three most positive decisions of my life. For the past 25 years, I was taking medication for arthritis and depression and generally feeling terrible; no energy, no positive outlook, constant pain, etc. I told myself I needed to give something different a try…I do not know how I got along before going to chiropractic care. I am pain free without injections, my depression has subsided and no longer on medication, I’m feeling good, positive and happy for the first time in many years.”

*Please note: All identifying information has been removed and stories may have been edited for clarity.