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If Tomorrow Never Came

If Tomorrow Never Came
No regrets; is a mantra of which to live by
Each date is a present in which we’re alive
Each moment Carpe Diem! No day is the same
Especially if…tomorrow never came.

Be Well: If Tomorrow Never Came

What would you say, what would you do
If today was the last day ever you knew?
I know not yours, but this I know mine
These words let me share that’s held in my mind.    

You say that you love life but what does it mean?
On paper, in words, so frivolous can seem?
No mistake are the words so carefully chose.
Like the ones that are written to life in this prose.

If you look, you will see the meaning in mind
If not, on the surface exactly you’ll find
What one says, what one means, no confusion there be
Depending on which you use sensory?

Do you love only victory? Defeat you abhor?
Do you not see perfection in both to adore?
Do you think, “should be different, if this or if that.”
While blind to the beauty of where you ‘be’ at?

Often I laugh, of which no control
Of the paradox and joy in this life to behold
Could be good, could be bad; perception you choose
The beauty is this…“it’s all up to you!”

No regrets is a mantra of which to live by
Smell the flowers today, not your grave should they lie
Risk nothing, gain nothing, to me; a life lame
Especially if…tomorrow never came.

I’ll not have that sorrow, with life, as I’ve shared
On paper and actions, just how much I care
I know not tomorrow; not yours and not mine
It’s my prayer when you look; no regrets will you find.


Brett Penager
Brett Penager, CMO