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Chiro One Wellness Centers Plays Supporting Role At Pheasant Run

Oak Brook, Illinois (September 9, 2013) – Two of Chiro One Wellness Centers’ Fox Valley area doctors, Dr. Brent Maxwell (St. Charles) and Dr. Brad Christensen (West Chicago) showed their support for the arts Saturday, attending the opening night of Fox Valley Repertory’s “Let’s Misbehave,” a Cole Porter music revue, at the Pheasant Run Mainstage Theatre.

“Total wellness goes beyond physical health to include mental and spiritual well-being,” Dr. Maxwell points out. Dr. Christensen adds, “Listening to music, even laughing, can play a role in reducing stress on the body, particularly the spine.”

A major sponsor of the show, Chiro One is offering free screenings in the theatre lobby before and after the show on September 22nd, October 5th, October 11th and on closing night, October 20th.

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