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Thinking Positive as Part of a Wellness Lifestyle

Thinking Positive as Part of a Wellness Lifestyle
We’ve all heard the phrase, “the power of positive thinking”, but what does that really mean? And for those of us set on turning up the positivity in our own lives, how do we get started?  Here’s what you need to know to make positivity a reality.

Not only does Dr. Jessica Basala, D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic Training Supervisor for Chiro One, counsel patients on a positive outlook, she’s an avid student of the power of the mind. “Some of the most compelling research around the power of thought relates health and the human body,” Dr. Jessica says. “When patients have a mindset of healing and are positive in their thoughts in terms of healing, we tend to see faster results.”

Four Positive Thinking Tools

Four Positive Thinking Tools

Implement the following tactics to bring more positivity into your own life.

  • Daily affirmations.  Create one or two positive statements for yourself and keep focused by repeating them multiple times per day. One of Dr. Jessica’s personal affirmations is, “I am a healer and everyone I touch experiences health.”
  • Meditation. This practice of calming and quieting the mind may reduce stress and improve your health. Recent research suggests that eight weeks of meditation may reduce depression, loneliness, inflammation and possibly preserve function in the aging brain.
  • Goal setting. Dr. Jessica recommends writing down personal goals and revisiting them regularly. “Setting goals helps you find your purpose and direct your energy, actions and mindset towards fulfilling them,” she says.
  • Vision board. To help define goals, Dr. Jessica often recommends the creation of a vision board. The idea is to tap into images, words and phrases that speak to your inner self, even if what you gravitate toward seems unusual. In a 2010 article for Oprah Magazine, life coach and columnist Martha Beck wrote, “The board itself doesn’t impact reality; what changes your life is the process of creating the images—combinations of objects and events that will stick in your subconscious mind and steer your choices toward making the vision real.” Stay tuned to upcoming Be Well posts for a detailed vision board “how-to.”

Work with Negativity

During her attendance at a recent seminar given by leadership expert and motivational speaker Dr. John Demartini, Dr. Jessica gained important insight about negativity. “Negative thoughts are going to happen. You shouldn’t try to push down every one that comes your way, because they will only keep resurfacing,” she explains. “When negative thoughts come into your mind, mindfully acknowledge them and move on. Don’t dwell on them.”

Turn to the Experts

Learn more about the true power of positivity through Dr. Jessica’s recommended reading list.

“From relationships to business to athletics, the people at the top of their “games” are often harnessing the power of thought to get there,” says Dr. Jessica, who truly believes the effects of positive thinking are widespread and powerful.