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Need Headache Help? Turn to Chiropractic Care

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Your headaches come and go each week and some of them are just throbbers. You’re not sure why you get them and even your regular doctor can’t pinpoint the cause. Is it hormones, food allergies, dehydration or stress? Dr. Kristy Carbonelli, the former Chiropractic Director of Chiro One Wellness Center in Highland Park, Texas has personally experienced a huge reduction in her headaches over the years and she’s here to share some answers.

Headache Causes

There are countless headache triggers; you could give yourself a headache trying to figure out the cause of your own! But according to Dr. Kristy, the one cause not considered enough is spinal subluxation. A subluxation is a nerve interference that can hinder your central nervous system, preventing your body from healing itself and functioning at its highest level. “Most people don’t know that subluxations in the cervical spine can lead to various types of headaches,” says Dr. Kristy. “Many headaches are caused by abnormal mechanics in the spine or poor delivery of blood to areas of the head and brain.”

Our lives are so busy that it’s no wonder we often look to treat symptoms with medicines like aspirin or ibuprofen. But Dr. Kristy advises us to dig deeper. “Headaches are a sign that something is wrong,” she says. “We tend to shrug them off due to our hectic lifestyles but if we don’t get to the root cause we may miss something larger.”

Dr. Kristy’s Story

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Dr. Kristy was a headache sufferer for many years before she regularly received chiropractic care. “I myself had headaches that were attributed to hormones, food allergies and medications I was on,” she explains. “Eliminating the allergens and medication decreased the amount of headaches I was having, but once my subluxations were addressed I went 11 years with only two migraines.”

Dr. Kristy has seen so many of her patients increase the quality of their lives by reducing oreliminating their headaches through regular chiropractic treatment. “Even constant low levels of pain increase your irritability,” she says. “You forgetwhat good feels like.”

Try a New Course

Subluxations can be caused by stress, toxins and trauma and these things can affect you any moment of any day. Ongoing chiropractic care reduces the affects created by subluxations. If you’re ready to get rid of your painful headaches, try a new course of action and talk to a Chiro One doctor about a treatment plan that can help you live a headache-free life.