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Some Things Are Better with Curves

Chiro One Wellness Centers host 4th Annual Women’s Wellness Month to raise awareness for the importance of spinal curves.

Oak Brook, IL – April 29th, 2010 – In an effort to raise awareness for the importance of a healthy spine and nervous system, Chiro One Wellness Centers is hosting a special promotion for women in May. Chiro One’s, “Some Things Are Better With Curves” Promotion will be held at all Chiro One centers in Greater Chicagoland and is an opportunity for women to find out more about spinal wellness and the importance of the natural curvature in a healthy spine. 

“Most people are unaware of the importance of the curvature found in a healthy spine”, states Chiro One founding partner, Dr. Gary Roeben. “When viewed from the side, the spine has two natural curves called ‘lordosis’ and ‘kyphosis’ which pertain to the direction of the curve. These curves are instrumental in providing mechanical counterbalance to the loads the body carries and work in concert to provide movement, balance, protection and shock absorption to the human frame. The absence of proper spinal curves results in subluxations and bone degeneration which can have a devastating effect on one’s health. A subluxation is a misaligned vertebrae that puts pressure on the nervous system and can be a precursor to many symptoms such as migraines, headaches, numbness, tingling, pain, pms and much more.”

Chiro One’s “Some Things Are Better With Curves” promotion has been developed specifically to educate women about the importance of maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system and providing them the opportunity to find out the health of theirs. During the month of May, Chiro One is offering complimentary spinal wellness evaluations to women including a Dr’s focused Exam, 2 X-Rays (if medically necessary) and a Digital Orthotic Foot Scan (a $395 Value) from May 3rd – May 27th at a Chiro One near you.

“We truly believe that every human being deserves to discover their full potential,” states Chief Marketing Officer, Brett Penager. “May, being the month of Mother’s Day, we wanted to use it as a platform to support all women. As the primary caretakers of the family, many women take care of everyone except for themselves. We would like to return the favor and provide the opportunity to take care of them.”

Chiro One invites area women who are interested in finding out more about subluxations and the importance of spinal curvature to call 
877-724-6684 to make a reservation at a Chiro One center near them for a complimentary spinal exam during Women’s Wellness Month. 

Event Information: “Some Things Are Better With Curves” Promotion
When: Monday, May 3rd – Thursday, May 27th, 2010
Where: All Chiro One Wellness Centers locations
Reservations are recommended. Discover your natural curves today by calling Chiro One toll-free at (877) 724-6684 to reserve your space today!

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