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Chiro One Wellness Centers to Host Sleep Workshop

Oakbrook, IL – March 25, 2010 – Sleep deprivation can have serious effects on your health in the form of physical and mental impairments. Inadequate rest impairs our ability to think, to handle stress, to maintain a healthy immune system and to moderate our emotions. Sleep deprivation can cause depression, aging, heart disease, hypertension, irritability, slower reaction times, and more!

Learn the secrets to harnessing the 8 most powerful hours of your day when you join Chiro One Wellness Centers for a FREE, one-hour informative sleep workshop. Clear your calendars and alert your friends and family – you won’t want to miss this life-changing lecture! In one phenomenal hour, you will learn how to start your day with incredible energy, recognize and conquer the five common thieves of vitality, utilize your body to maximize results and much more!

Event Information:

When: TUESDAY • April 20th, 2010 • 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Where: All Chiro One Wellness Centers in Illinois & Kentucky

Admission is FREE and open to the public. Guests welcome. Reservations recommended. Attendance is limited, so call now to reserve your space at (855) 424-4761. Don’t let another day pass without getting the facts about sleep.

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