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The Wall Test: An Exercise in Good Posture

It’s time for a posture check!

What are you doing right now? Sitting at home? Scrolling on your phone? Maybe you’re in one of our clinics, reading the Be Well blog as you do your regular in-office exercises. 

Now is a moment to really be present in your body. 

Take a deep, full breath. 

Now look at your posture. How are you sitting or standing? Are your shoulders hunched, pulled in toward your chest? Is your neck craned, head sitting forward?

Let’s fix that with this easy, standing posture reset.

Posture Matters

Good posture is your body putting the least amount of strain on supporting muscles, bones, joints and ligaments. It’s just one element of good spinal health, encouraging the brain to communicate more effectively with the rest of the body. This helps strain, tension, and decrease wear and tear.

Healthy habits, smart ergonomics  and regular chiropractic adjustments all play a key role in helping you achieve your perfect posture.

How-To: The Wall Test

  1. Find some open wall space, clear of furniture or hanging decor. Stand against it with the back of your head, shoulder blades and butt touching the wall. Make sure you’re standing shoulder-width apart with your feet two to four inches away from the wall. Your neck should be straight, ears aligned with the tops of your shoulders.

  2. Next, slip your hand behind the small of your back, palm flat toward the wall. For a correct lower back curve, your hand should just barely slide into the small opening between the wall and your body.

  3. If you find there’s too much space there, enough for one side of your hand to wiggle around or move without touching the wall or your body, it’s time to straighten up! Pull your belly button toward the spine, flattening the curve in your back. Bring it closer to the wall.

  4. If you find there’s too little space there, gently arch your back so that your hand can slide behind you. Remember, it should be a tight fight, but it shouldn’t be difficult.

  5. Take a moment to breathe, settling into your refreshed posture. When you walk away from the wall, hold this posture for as long as possible. If you find yourself slipping out of it, go back to use the wall as your check point. 


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