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What happens to your body when you get an adjustment?

We all love getting adjusted: It feels great, it improves how your body functions, and many people report leaving the clinic feeling 10 times better than they did when they arrived. But why? 

 We get this question a lot: What actually happens to your body when you get adjusted? And, what’s that popping sound that happens during my treatment? We’re here to answer all your burning questions – and more.  

What exactly is an adjustment?  

Chiropractic adjustments are effective treatments for upper and lower back pain, neck pain, and other conditions like shoulder pain and headaches. Patients who suffer from spinal misalignments may present a wide variety of symptoms, but back and neck pain are the most common.  

During an adjustment, a chiropractor applies controlled force to areas of the spinal joint that aren’t functioning normally, are in pain, or have an abnormal range of motion. This gentle force promotes proper alignment of the spine, which reduces symptoms of pain, limited mobility, and stiffness.  

Chiro One doctors are specially trained to administer gentle chiropractic adjustments in a very specific and targeted manner to address your pain symptoms. 

The goal of an adjustment is to promote proper function of the spine, which reduces pain and nerve irritability, increases range of motion, and improves your body’s overall function.  

What’s that popping noise?  

There is sometimes (but not always) an audible release of gas between your joints when pressure is applied. Oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide are leaving your joints, which relieves pressure. This doesn’t always happen, and an adjustment without a “pop” sound can still be considered successful and effective.  

The goal of the adjustment is to restore normal motion of the spine, not to release gas, so don’t worry if you don’t hear any sounds! Did you know there are multiple chiropractic techniques that use instruments instead of manual, “popping or cracking” adjustments? It all depends on your individual health history and preference! 

Why do I feel better quickly?  

Many patients report feeling incredible after an adjustment. The increased movement of the spinal joints can provide relief, reduce pain, and improve mobility, instantly! While patients often feel immediate relief after their first treatment, completing the full care plan is important. Why? While adjustments provide fast relief, if the surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments don’t get retrained, the relief will likely be temporary.  In other words, step one is restoring your spinal joint movement and step two is building strength and stability to keep you in alignment. 

All Chiro One doctors are specially trained to utilize Biomechanical Correction Techniques (BCT), which is a treatment-based program that helps identify dysfunction in your musculoskeletal system. BCT is based on the concept that the position of your joints can significantly impact your overall movement and function. 

Will I be sore?  

While not common, some patients report mild muscle or joint soreness after an adjustment, very similar to trying a new exercise at the gym. This usually happens within the first few hours, and it will likely not last more than a day. Be sure to take it easy, drink lots of water, and consider taking a gentle walk instead of hitting the gym on the day of your first appointment.  

How often do I need to get adjusted?  

This is between you and your Chiro One doctor, who is specially trained to assess your current condition with a comprehensive exam and X-rays, if medically necessary. Depending on your condition and goals, your doctor will create a tailored, personalized care plan to address your specific issues and get you feeling better than ever.  

Treatment plans vary, depending on your unique goals for treatment. Chiro One doctors offer a variety of personalized care plans that can provide back pain relief, increased stability and mobility, and long-term wellness! 

Visits include a combination of in-clinic therapies and gentle chiropractic adjustments. Chiro One Wellness Centers have open floorplans which allow patients to move freely between therapies. It’s a synergistic and collegial environment where patients are stretching and building strength in a positive community focused on improving overall wellness. 

How do I know if I am a good candidate for chiropractic adjustments and/or care? 

At Chiro One, we feel that everyone can benefit from chiropractic care. You might be suffering from a recent or past injury, experiencing chronic pain or looking to improve your posture or perform better athletically. The Chiro One model of chiropractic care provides patients with high-quality care that results in great outcomes due to our thorough, up-front evaluation, and personalized treatment plans that include a combination of chiropractic adjustments along with in-clinic therapies. 

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