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Dr. Zahida Mitha

Our Dr. Zahida Mitha Chiropractor

Dr. Zahida Mitha

Education: Parker College of Chiropractic

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Before becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Mitha received her bachelor of science in athletic training from James Madison University and her master’s degree from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. In fact, it was while working as an athletic trainer that she discovered chiropractic, noticing that the athletes who were being adjusted during rehab had more favorable outcomes. This piqued her interest, and after learning more about chiropractic, she decided to change her career path. Dr. Zahida earned her doctorate of chiropractic at Parker University, where she was a member of the student senate and served as class president for a year.

For Dr. Zahida, her favorite part about being a chiropractor is instilling hope in her patients. “Many people seek out chiropractic as a last resort or come in not knowing the full magnitude of what chiropractic can do for them,” she says. “Helping them see how it feels to have an optimally functioning nervous system and what possibilities that can create for them is inspiring!” Her personal mission in practice is to help as many people as possible see and appreciate how amazing their bodies really are.

In her spare time, Dr. Zahida loves to spend time with her fiancé and family—she also enjoys traveling. Her favorite quote is one she learned at chiropractic school from Dr. Jim Parker: “Loving service is my first technique.” As a chiropractor, it really resonates with her and her mission, believing that if she focuses on providing loving, compassionate service to her patients, everything else will follow.