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In our rush-around society, we assume everything happens quickly. Even with our healthcare, people expect immediate gratification—a quick fix that’ll make pain or discomfort disappear. But the truth is that nothing worth having comes without a solid foundation of hard work, and that’s especially true when it comes to your health.

How does that translate to chiropractic? Therapy! You can’t just get your adjustment and hit the door. At Chiro One, we have a whole range of therapies to complement your adjustment, from stretches to traction and more, that make your treatment so much more successful. Let’s take a look!

Therapies for Optimal Healing

As chiropractors, we believe that true health can be achieved through excellent spinal health. We use the chiropractic adjustment to remove subluxations, or misalignments, found in the vertebrae. This can make all the difference to your overall health, because left unchecked, subluxations can disrupt the brain-to-body communication system, causing a whole mess of problems you’d never even see coming. Subluxations are complex, whether they be due to accident, injury, stress, tight muscles, over- or under-stretched ligaments or other instabilities. While an adjustment does a great job of addressing the core of these issues by realigning the subluxation directly, your body needs more. Additional therapies help to stabilize the body, allowing for optimal health.

Getting Traction

Traction is a therapy designed to correct forward head posture and a reduced or reversed cervical curve. Issues with the cervical spine are very common and put a lot of stress on the nervous system. Correcting your cervical curve is crucial and should be a major goal for any patient.

What’s Another 10-15 Minutes?

If you can correct your cervical spine at home, why do it in the office? Most therapies are done under supervision for a reason. Some therapies can seem deceptively simple with a wide range of results for patients. That means these therapies can also be done incorrectly at home with negative results or potential injury.

So, What Can You Do At Home?

Besides the common therapies done in the office, we recommend any type of therapy that helps strengthen your core. The average American has weakened core strength, which contributes to abnormal posture and joint dysfunction. Stretching throughout the day can also be advantageous.

If you really want to know which therapies you should be doing to make your adjustments more effective, ask your chiropractor. He or she will be happy to share a customized list of therapies for your specific condition.


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