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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Crack Your Neck

 We’ve all done it.  

You roll your neck back, then to the left, then the right. 

It feels good. You stretch it out. You may even hear a subtle popping or cracking sound.  

What’s actually happening when you hear those pops is that gases between the joints are being released. And with that release, you feel a sense of relief.  

So, does this mean we should be cracking our necks any time we like at home?  

The short answer: No.  

For one thing, if you do it wrong, you could cause damage to the surrounding nerves, muscles, and tissues. That’s because the joints in your neck, called facet joints, need to move in a specific way. If you move them incorrectly or with too much force, you could strain the ligaments in your neck – leading to problems later in life.  

Neck Pain

Another reason is that cracking your own neck can cause postural strain. It could lead to spinal misalignment, which could introduce added pressure or tension to your neck and back.  

If you truly want to reap all the benefits that come from releasing pressure and gas from your neck joint, see a chiropractor and get a neck adjustment. This is NOT something you want to do yourself.  

Chiro One doctors can adjust your neck safely. They use skilled techniques that promote alignment combined with active, in-clinic therapies that provide long-lasting results to reduce your pain and improve muscle memory. 

Neck Adjustment

Chiro One chiropractors can also recommend specific lifestyle changes, customized stretches, targeted exercises, and give you posture advice to help decrease postural misalignments and reduce the stress on your neck and back.  

So, if you want to start feeling better — and stay that way longer — schedule an appointment now.  

Do it today — to schedule a consultation with a Chiro One doctor, click here.  


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