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Are My Headaches Normal?

Since almost half of the world’s adult population has experienced a headache at one point in their lives, we tend
to think it isn’t a big deal. We pop a painkiller, take a nap, massage our temples and keep moving. But here’s the thing—you don’t have to live
like that.

The Headache Myth Debunked

There are tons of different reasons why headaches happen: accidents, injuries, diet, stress, poor posture—even texting or staring too long at a computer
screen can contribute. Want to know the truth? Your problem isn’t actually a headache. Headaches are a symptom, meaning that the actual root cause
of your pain is still there.

So, back to our original question: No. No, your headaches aren’t normal. In fact, they’re trying to tell you that something is wrong.

What’s Happening?

Many different types of headaches are tied into the musculoskeletal system—a result of injuries or wear and tear on the joints, muscles, tendons
or nerves. In fact, research suggests that those with musculoskeletal abnormalities are more likely to develop headaches. As chiropractors, our doctors
are experts in the musculoskeletal system and they use the chiropractic adjustment to remove misalignments (subluxations) in the spine. Dr. Jasbir Kocher, D.C., former chiropractic director of our St. Charles office, breaks it down for us.

“When people suffer frequent or chronic headaches,
it may be related to the C1, C2 and C3 vertebrae of the spine,
located in the upper portion of the neck,” says Dr. Jasbir.
“While the malposition of these important bones may often be the root cause of headaches,
muscles also play a big role in contributing to this dysfunction.” According to Dr. Jasbir,
there are two types of muscular issues to consider. “Abnormally tense muscles, known as hypertonicity,
or spasms and tight muscles, known as spasticity, are both linked to pulling vertebrae out of place,” he says.
“These muscle problems can absolutely cause subluxations, which place pressure on the nerves, ultimately
leading to a headache.”

Are My Headaches Normal?

Living Headache Free

So… will chiropractic help you? Check out this story, from one of our very own Chiro One patients, on how chiropractic care helped her overcome
her headache struggle.

“Since I was a freshman in college, I had been suffering migraines. And as time progressed, that turned into excessive neck pain. My symptoms began
in the summer of 2013, and initially, they were just a nuisance—but then they began to affect my concentration. I wasn’t as chipper as I
used to be, and it was painful to play my favorite sport, softball.

But since coming to Chiro One? I seldomly have headaches, and I feel a lot better overall. I’ve been in a better mood, and I can be more active without
a headache coming on! Chiropractic helps, and a person’s body can heal itself with the appropriate exercises and treatment.”

-J.B., Hyde Park Patient


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