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All 32 NFL Teams Offer Chiropractic to Players
With over 200 million unique views last season alone, American pro football games are some of the most-watched shows on TV today. It’s safe to say Americans LOVE football. While many fans could rattle off a laundry list of stats, facts and plays, not many know about the drug-free tool teams are using to keep their players in top-shape: Chiropractic.

For years athletes have been using chiropractic to treat acute injuries and for general maintenance, and, finally, chiropractic has become a common practice in many professional sports. Instead of using pharmaceutical-based “solutions,” players are finding relief in drug-free treatments chiropractors offer.

Lawsuits and Allegations: Painkiller Problems in Pro Football

In May of 2014, over 600 players filed a class-action lawsuit in California against the National Football League for illegally supplying them with painkillers to mask the pain of injuries and keep them out on the field. In December of that same year, a federal judge dismissed the case, stating that the NFL had properly responded to the players’ health concerns.

This past year, in May of 2015, a second lawsuit was filed in Baltimore, this time naming all 32 NFL teams as defendants. The plaintiffs, nearly all former NFL players, allege that the NFL pressured them to take copious amounts of painkillers in order to stay in the game. This lawsuit is still pending.

Jerry Rice, Michael Strahan Back Chiropractic

In the past few years, chiropractic has been a topic of conversation on the lips of many top athletes. Take it from Jerry Rice, the greatest wide receiver in American football history, who is the spokesperson for the Foundation of Chiropractic Progress.

All 32 NFL Teams Offer Chiropractic to Players

One of the best defensive linemen in pro football history, Michael Strahan, shared his thoughts on chiropractic when he was a guest host on ABC’s “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” in 2013. And athletes aren’t the only ones who rave about it, you’ll find some other famous celebrities who swear by it.

Chiropractic at the 2015 NFL Combine

Go behind-the-scenes at the 2015 NLF Combine and see inside the Player’s Suite, including therapies, rehabilitation and, of course, chiropractic adjustments.

Who Stands Behind Your Favorite Team?

Meet the Chiropractors Behind Your Pro Football Team 

Here in Chicago, Joshua Akin, D.C., is the doctor supporting the Bears. A former college football player himself, Dr. Akin knows the importance of ongoing chiropractic treatment to help minimize pain, increase flexibility and boost performance. If you’re curious about the chiropractor that serves your favorite team, the Professional Football Chiropractic Society has a roster.


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