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5 Habits of Endlessly Happy People

Ask (most) anyone what they want out of life and you’ll likely hear “to be happy.”
When people talk about attaining happiness, it always sounds like something you’ll find
one day—if and when everything aligns just right. You know what we’re talking about:

  • “I’ll be happy if I get that job,”
  • “I’ll be happy when we own a house!”
  • “We’ll be happy if she changes.”
  • “I’ll be happy when I make more money.”

Could you picture a few of your own “ifs” and “whens”? OK, now listen carefully, we’re going to tell you a secret…

There is no IF or WHEN for finding happiness! In fact, there’s no such thing as finding happiness at all! There’s only now and
your choice to be happy or not.

People who go through life seeking happiness are usually looking in the wrong place the entire time. It’s not out there, it’s within. It’s not in the future,
it’s here and now.

Still with us? Let’s dive into some key habits of perpetually happy people. As you make your decision that you’re going to be happy now,
work these habits into your daily life.

    1. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life. The soft silence of fresh snowfall. Your favorite song coming on at just the right time.
      An impromptu hug from a loved one. These moments, the seemingly small moments, are the stuff of life. The more time you spend focused on these
      day-to-day experiences, you’ll be more present and just plain happy.


    1. Remember—it’s not about you. Picture the last time someone upset you. Perhaps you were cut off on the highway or a friend was
      snappy on the phone. It’s human nature to make it all about us, but the thing is, it’s usually all about them. Instead of wrapping up your thoughts
      in the injustice of what happened, imagine why it happened. Imagine that the driver cut you off because his mind was focused on his wife’s
      impending chemotherapy treatment or that your friend heard she was going to lose her job minutes before you called. While these are only guesses,
      of course, this method moves the focus from you to them. You’ll find your anger and frustration will just fade away, allowing
      you to stay in your happy state.
5 Habits of Endlessly Happy People
    1. Listen…really listen. We rush around all day never really listening, only trying to be heard. This truly makes for an unsatisfying
      life experience. Once you open yourself up to listening to those around you, you’ll not only strengthen your relationships, you’ll feel more like
      you’ve served a purpose to others. Both of these have been linked to increased well-being!


    1. Lose track of time. Schedules, alarms and reminders are exhausting. Today is busier than ever and that smartphone glued to your hand
      isn’t helping. Put the phone away and take time to get lost in time. When you immerse yourself in an activity you enjoy, you’re actually
      experiencing a joyful state known as “flow.” In this state, time flies by and you’ll emerge feeling content.


  1. Find the silver lining. Seems obvious, but those who can look on the bright side lead happier lives. So much time is wasted complaining
    and dwelling on what went wrong in a situation. Pull yourself out of it right away by finding at least one positive thing you can focus
    on. It might be hard to do at first, but in time, you’ll naturally gravitate toward optimism.

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