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Patient Success Stories: Headaches and Migraines

Patient Success Stories: Headaches and Migraines

Most everyone has had a headache at one point or another, but for some, their frequency and intensity can be absolutely debilitating. Tylenol and other similar medications only serve to mask the pain, leaving the sufferer to undoubtedly experience their headache again in the future. These patients came to Chiro One because of their headaches—and thank goodness they did.

Debilitating Headaches Prevented Mom from Caring for her Kids

“I came to Chiro One because of severe headaches that started about two months before my first visit. They weren’t localized to one area and I was unable to function. I couldn’t take care of my kids, family or house.

My primary care doctor had me do an MRI and prescribed me sleeping pills. At the time, I was unsure about chiropractic care and I didn’t think it was an alternative for me.

Since I started chiropractic care, I don’t have migraines. In addition to fixing that, we discovered my hips were not aligned and my curve in my spine and neck were incorrect. With regular adjustments, I feel great. Less back pain and no more low back or hip pain.

Dr. Lea and her staff are fantastic. I am very comfortable in the office and I look forward to my adjustments.”

-Laura, Vernon Hills Patient

Migraines Caused Her to Head to ER Often

“I had near constant headaches for over a year and my primary doctor was not able to do anything. As the consistency of headaches increased, I found that I wasn’t able to be as active with my family and friends.

I was told to take pain medicine and wait for them to get better. The migraines would get to the point that I had to go to the ER—and the ER doctor told me that this was my normal.

Since starting chiropractic care, I’ve gone from daily headaches to one per month. I feel like I can live my life the way that I want to. I am happier, healthier and I have more energy. I have also been able to volunteer for my son’s activities without worrying about how bad that day would be.

I have tried everything I knew to get better and I’m so glad I never gave up. Chiro One has made a significant impact on my quality of life.”

-Susan, Palos Heights Patient