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Our care approach includes a detailed exam, a unique treatment plan, an expert clinical care team, and a supportive patient community for your personal health and wellness journey.


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At Chiro One, we offer one of the most comprehensive up-front exams in the industry. With our philosophy of total-body health, we know that understanding the whole patient is essential to creating an effective treatment plan.

During your initial visit, you will receive a thorough physical exam and an assessment of your daily habits and health history to paint a picture of your overall well-being.

Your doctor will perform a thorough musculoskeletal exam with x-rays if needed. They will assess your exam results, overall health, and lifestyle goals to create a personalized treatment plan that includes a combination of all-natural adjustments and therapies.

How do daily habits and health history impact my treatment plan at Chiro One?

Your lifestyle has a significant impact on your health. Holding a 30-lb toddler, training for a marathon or a prior car or sports injury can impact your spinal alignment, both now and in the future. By understanding your lifestyle, your doctor can create a customized adjustment and therapy plan that supports your lifestyle goals.


Our collaborative clinical care team includes doctors, care managers and clinical technicians (CTs). This team is focused on your individualized needs, making sure you are educated, empowered and supported in your care.

All of our doctors are licensed practitioners with extensive training in chiropractic care.

Our expert community of 140+ doctors collaborate and share patient clinical outcomes, and incorporate these learnings into comprehensive care plans. Chiro One docs participate in a specialized residency program and attend monthly education training to ensure they’re up-to-date on the latest in chiropractic techniques.

How do care managers and chiropractic technicians support patients?

To improve posture, strength and balance, our chiropractic technicians and care managers guide you in your active therapies to support you every step of the way.

Supportive COMMUNITY

We designed our clinics to provide optimal support for you! Our open treatment concept allows you to see the full scope of Chiro One offerings in action. You can perform your active therapies before or after your adjustments, read health and wellness tips on our in-clinic screens and check out patient success stories on our community boards. We even have a dedicated children’s activity space so your kids can stay engaged within view.

Our open concept clinics, clinical care teams and wellness culture create a strong sense of community. You will feel our strong, positive community of patients and team members the moment you arrive at our clinics.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the Chiro One community?

Our Chiro One community is comprised of members who are focused on optimizing their health and wellness. In addition to our clinic-based care, feel free to sign up for our weekly newsletter as well as join our Facebook group to receive health and wellness information including downloadable infographics on nutrition, work-from-home exercise videos, healthy recipes and more!