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Dr. Patricia Chen

Our Mokena Chiropractor

Dr. Patricia Chen

Education: National University of Health Sciences

Hometown: Pennsylvania

Dr. Chen doesn’t just listen to her patients — she hears them. Walking into her clinic means immediately joining a team on a health mission. Together, she and her patients determine health goals and set a path that leads to achieving them. With clarity, certainty and heartfelt support she makes each patient feel like a full participant in their healing journey. She makes them realize, that, as Ferdinand Foch put it: “The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire”.

Healing journeys were never taken alone in rural Johnstown, PA where Dr. Chen grew up. The rich history and intense beauty of the mountains and countryside where everyone knows each other made for an ideal upbringing for Dr. Chen, her 7 siblings and their very large extended family.

Watching her father struggle with painful health issues was difficult, however, and often made her feel helpless. It did, however, plant in her the desire not just to help people when they get sick, but to help them live in a way that prevents sickness — the chiropractic way. She discovered at an early age the guiding force that unlocks the body’s potential to heal from the inside out. She decided to promote an optimal quality of life for as many people as possible.

Wellness for Dr. Chen is the ability to live a well-balanced lifestyle — physically, mentally and spiritually. Family outings and vacations with her partner and 3 boys are her greatest source of joy! She also loves playing volleyball and getting lost in a great book whenever possible.

Since earning her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from National University of Health Sciences, Dr. Chen has delivered specialty care in active and myofascial release techniques, chronic pain management, geriatric care, as well as prenatal and pediatric care to over 10,000 grateful patients.